Manage Dairy Cow Mastitis with Mastaplex

Mastitis is a costly disease for all dairy herds. Mastatest is here to help you minimise the impact of mastitis on your herd.

We are the Australian distributor of the Mastaplex on farm milk culture system that identifies the bacteria causing either clinical or sub-clinical mastitis along with its antibiotic sensitivity. Based on our results, you can improve clinical outcomes and ensure you are using antibiotics responsibly.

Used by Farmers Worldwide

Farmers around the globe have had success with our system.

Mastaplex takes the guesswork out of mastitis treatment. No more hit and miss – quickly identify the causative bacteria and its antibiotic sensitivity.

Mastaplex is designed to be used on farm. It’s easy and fast to use. Simply pour each milk sample into a Mastatest cartridge, place it in the LapBox and Mastaplex will email you and your veterinarian the results within 24 hours.